Black and Proud(an end to mental slavery)

I fail to understand why in this century black people still the see themselves as an inferior race.I furthermore fail to understand why instead of uniting we see fierce rivals in our very own brothers and sisters.Very often you’ll see a black man diverting from who he is,trying to protect himself against himself . It clearly shows that we are not free as we claim to be. The colonial mentality still rules and by the look of things it became hereditary. It is transferred from generation to generation meaning that it will still rule the black man for generations to come.We are the slaves in this democracy that was fought for with the lives of our fathers,mothers, brothers and sisters. Who are we waiting for to emancipate us from the mental slavery we are suffering from ? Bob Marley said in his song,redemption song “emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”.It is all up to us. Is this that we are living now worth all the sacrifices that Robert Sobukwe Moses Kotane,Nelson Mandela,Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko,Chris Hani,Peter Mokaba and all the comrades made for us to be free ?.Until we accept each other and unite,until we emancipate ourselves from mental slavery we are suffering from and until we  realise how much talent, potential and capability we have as black people we will remain slaves until the end of time…it’s time to grow out of the slavery,believe in ourselves, accept who we are irrespective of other people’s opinions and ideologies.Don’t be discouraged and feel inferior when they discrimate you;it’s not only because of your skin colour it’s because they are afraid of the potential you have. Stand firm and always stand for what you believe in, for your dreams are valied and can become true .Be proud of being a black man and woman ,be bold and walk tall as a black man for this is our soil,this is our land, this is our Africa and we should own it.I am proud to be a BLACK MAN.


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